The whole point of this blog is to say whatever I feel like saying without worrying about the length nor the perfection of my posts. So what do I say for my first one?

This blog may be irreverent, contain more four-letter words than my “real” blog does (the one with my real name on it) which is how I speak in real life anyway, and it may end up being more opinionated than my regular blog. I suppose in a way I’m saving my followers from myself by having this blog exist. What I will not do here is pretend to be someone I’m not. “Isabella Morgan” is not a real person, but I am. What you see here is me… whoever I am. Make no mistake – I’m a real woman with a real life and real feelings. I have a family and people who care about me – just because I decline to use my real name doesn’t mean I’m not vulnerable. I demand the same respect I give anyone else.

This blog may be odd, it may leave you shaking your head occasionally, but with any luck it will always leave you with a smile on your face and the will to return.

Here we go.


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