The Things I Do For The Sake of My Characters

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I’m finding myself looking at pictures of half-naked women to figure out what turns my main character on. He’s a fictional heterosexual man. I’m a real heterosexual woman.

Now that’s dedication, is it not?


29 thoughts on “The Things I Do For The Sake of My Characters

    • I read 50 Shades… ’nuff said.
      Nah, the point is I need to know what he likes, not what a bunch of other guys like. All part of getting into my character’s head, as uncomfortable as that can sometimes get. 😛
      Thanks for the link – I’ll come and have a read. 😀


    • I dunno, does it? I guess it depends on both you and what drugs you’re talking about. If it’s the hard stuff I, personally, would rather interview someone who’s taken it or study Hunter S. Thompson in detail. If it’s marijuana… again, it’s up to you. But for myself I don’t feel I’d have described the experience of being drunk for instance particularly well without having felt it.

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    • lol. YES, it would probably be too far.  I’m assuming you’re not a teen?  It probably wouldn’t work very well if you tried yourself… Marijuana is more potent than ever these days, so I wouldn’t recommend trying that either.  And I know many writers interview people, especially profiles that are closer to the intended character(s).  The life experiences can do much of the writing, but research on the hows and what actually happens is important, not that the detail of that was learned has to make it into the WiP.  Just verity.

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  1. It says something about me being a bad writer that I haven’t done this end of research for my female characters.  I’ve just left it all casual-like, like walking off the edge of the map casual…


    • It’s not an easy thing to do – if you’re not right into the character’s mind, what you’ll come out with will actually sound like a guy’s perspective of another guy… which ends up sounding like “ew, ew, ew!” I’ve seen Stephen King try and fail at it in one of the “Dark Towers” books (don’t remember which) and it read badly. It was a love scene between two teenagers if I remember right.


      • Didn’t know King could write poorly at something. …Other than Revival.  Didn’t read it, though.

        Oh, I put myself in the head of the character, alright.  It’s my lack of life experience/research that makes my craft suffer.  But I am surprised a little how well my female characters turn out despite that.  Viewpoint, biology, suggestion.  Now, if I could only plot.


        • Ah, plotting’s for the birds. I let the story tell itself. 😛 But that’s an individual thing. Keep at it. As you say, experience: it doesn’t get any better unless you just keep trying and/or doing it.
          Revival wasn’t good? I’m just about to start reading it… 😦

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  2. Dear Izzy,
    I find that when I write in the ‘other’ gender to me I try and see it from my characters perspective. We have read enough and are old enough to know some things about what stirs the other sex into action. Then you use either subtle means, delicate words and phrases or you go the hit you in the face in graphic detail. Good luck.


  3. This is brilliant…and so true. You mentioned freedom on your About page…isn’t it great the freedom our characters give us to do silly, devious, horrible, fantastic things! Thanks for folioing my blog. I’m so glad to be following yours!


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