3 Words A Day – Day 3

It’s funny how we can go through months sometimes of not making any life-changing decisions and then boom! we’re confronted with the need to choose between this and that. It’s a time of life when we doubt ourselves the most – are we wrong? Are we right?

Take my mother, for instance. Last year I had the unenviable choice between letting her stay in her own home and moving her into a retirement residence. I opted for the latter, thinking I was doing it for her own good–no matter, she fought against me. Since then her memory has been getting steadily worse, and just last week she was diagnosed with mixed dementia… a lot of dementia with a hint of Alzheimer’s disease.

I made the right choice – I have to believe that. Getting her into a home at this point would probably be near impossible. She’s increasingly paranoid over the smallest things.

Still, it’s been one of the most trying times in my life. Making decisions for someone else, particularly those who’ve cared for YOU in the past, is not an easy task.

We just do our best.

Today’s words:



6 thoughts on “3 Words A Day – Day 3

  1. I believe there are many paths, and when we reach the cross roads, either choice can be correct. But you made it, and you’re sticking with it. Conviction in our decisions is the best we can ask for. 😉 I hope things get easier with your mother, but I remember when my grandfather went through this. It’s a difficult situation.


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