What comes around

Ugh, these viruses. We go out in public and we watch, don’t we? Avoiding those who sneeze or cough at all costs. We use hand sanitizer like it’s dishwater after Christmas dinner – we soak in it. Hell, we’d bathe in it if we could. Okay, maybe that’s just me; it gives you an idea of how much I don’t want to catch something nasty.

BUT. We can’t always rely on the fact that even though people don’t appear to be sick, they might be. According to my observations, it takes about 3 days from the time one gets infected until the symptoms show up. If I haven’t been out of the house in a while but I start to feel ill, I can usually count back and figure out where I picked up the sneaky asshole of a bug.

And then there are the people I live with. Unlike me they have lives. They go out and socialize every day. Then they come home. And don’t ya know, I still finish their meals and drink from their glasses because they LOOK fine…

I have a sickie in my basement right now. He has to come up eventually–there’s no washroom down there…

Standing at the top of the stairs armed with my bottle of hand sanitizer is a hard way to spend a day. But I’m not taking any chances.


3 thoughts on “What comes around

  1. As a person who taught in schools Miss Izzy I was always at the beck and call of any virus any kid came to school with…..thankfully not many laid me low.
    The Japanese are very sick conscious aren’t they, it seemed that at least every third person you saw on the train especially, had a face mask on. Maybe you need one around your own sick and infirm…


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