Daily Prompt – A teacher of life

The Daily Post prompt today is: What makes a teacher great?

A great teacher of life allows his student to make her own mistakes.
A great teacher of life teaches by example.
These may take longer than to tell, or to teach using books,
but they are lessons more likely to stay with the student throughout her lifetime.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – A teacher of life

  1. Dear Miss Izzy, in a previous life I was a teacher.
    To your first point I would add that good teachers allow their students to own their own work. I wrote a play for my students and their input into the script gave rise to a wonderful production, one they felt great ownership for.
    I think you have raised some excellent reflections on what makes an excellent teacher. SM


    • Good point, Sir Michael. A student should feel that learning has its own rewards, one of which is the knowledge that she herself has benefited from it in regards to the work put in.
      Thank you, for your comment. 🙂 MI


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