Daily Post – What is Love?

I Want To Know What Love Is – The Daily Post.

Love is never wanting to die, not because you’re afraid, nor because you want to live, but because those who love you would miss you.


6 thoughts on “Daily Post – What is Love?

  1. The dictionary entry for love struggles. It talks about “affection” and “attachment” but those are unsatisfying. In my experience, love is a state of mind that changes with time. In youth, its major component is sexual. In maturity, if things go right, that changes to a secure feeling of commitment, trust and delight in like minds and shared experiences.

    In the most stressful part of my naval career, 1969-1970, I was separated from my family for 13 out of 18 months, deployed on the gun line in Vietnam. There was no email, no satellite phone. My dear wife wrote to me every single day, numbering the letters so I could read them in order because mail delivery was irregular. She sustained me, then and many times more. It’s been one heck of a ride, and every hardship has only bound us closer.

    Rex Harrison wasn’t sure about it, but he was on track to finding it:

    I’ve grown accustomed to her face.
    She almost makes the day begin.
    I’ve grown accustomed to the tune
    That she whistles night and noon.
    Her smiles, her frowns
    Her ups, her downs,
    Are second nature to me now,
    Like breathing out, breathing in.
    I was serenely independent and content before we met.
    Surely I could always be that way again, and yet,
    I’ve grown accustomed to her looks,
    Accustomed to her voice,
    Accustomed to her face


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    • Sounds as though you have something truly special, Jim. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make a marriage work.
      My answer to what love is refers to love beyond the romantic… to children, extended family, friends and everyone who loves us. Even, as in your case, those you protect – your countrymen.
      Thanks for reminding me of this beautiful song 🙂

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