Daily Post – Out Ridin’ Fences

The Daily Post prompt today: Places

Alone. On the back of a horse. The animal walks below me and I sway with its movement, watching the earth pass between its ears, listening to the birds in the distant trees and closer, the shuffle and clump of the beast’s feet shushing through the grass that strains toward the revival of the sun.

I’m riding the fence, checking for breakage. For ways the livestock might escape when they’re set out to pasture. It’s been a long winter – spring is in the air with the scent of mud and the sweat of my horse… the pungent tang of my leather saddle.

My face and fingertips are cold, everything else about me is warm. I’m alive.


6 thoughts on “Daily Post – Out Ridin’ Fences

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  2. With thanks to the Statler Brothers:

    Everybody knows when you go to the show you can’t take the kids along.
    You’ve gotta read the paper and know the code of G, pg, and are, and X,
    And you gotta know what the movie’s about before you even go.
    Tex Ritter’s gone, and Disney’s dead, and the screen is filled with s**.

    Whatever happened to Randolph Scott ridin’ the trail alone?
    Whatever happened to Gene and Tex, and Roy, and Rex, the Durango Kid?
    Oh, Whatever happened to Randolph Scott, his horse plain as could be?
    Whatever happened to Randolph Scott has happened to the best of me.
    Everybody’s tryin’ to make a comment about our doubts and fears.
    True Grit’s the only movie I’ve really understood in years.
    You gotta take your analyst along to see if it’s fit to see.


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