E is for Embodiment

Note: Writing tips/literary content: this post is NOT Adult Content

It used to be that the good guy wore the white hat and the bad guy wore black. But was the good guy always handsome compared to his evil counterpart? I can’t say one way or another since I haven’t read nor watched everything, but I can come up with a couple of modern examples.

Voldemort. He’s one ugly dude, isn’t he? Whereas Harry’s a good looking kid apart from the scar his ever-so-evil nemesis bestowed on him. Or how about Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s It? Not someone you’d like to enter a sewer with.

I do love a handsome villain though. Prince Hans of Frozen – who’da thunk he could be so rotten inside? If the character is well-written, it’s obvious to the observer/reader that there’s just something not quite “on” with the bad guy, even if he looks good. And it’s especially important if he looks good for the writer to show his inner demons. Even so, when a rotten-to-the-core character gets down and dirty, it shows. The claws come out (any number of werewolves), the eyes turn bloody (Dracula), the skin peels from his bones (Dorian Grey), or she simply becomes a mess (Cruella DeVil). The true villain can’t possibly stay beautiful.

Can you think of a single instance in which one does?


4 thoughts on “E is for Embodiment

  1. Hi Miss Izzy,
    I have two villains i particularly like.
    Iago in Othello who schemes and puts on such an innocent face the whole time and Alice Morgan in the TV series Luther is an excellent villain in way a bit of an anti hero Elizbeth Salander is in the Dragon Tattoo series.


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