J is for Junk (Adult Content)

My A-Z Challenge this year contains posts about writing adult content in fiction – you will not find any adult fiction within the parameters of the challenge, except for illustration purposes.

One of the hardest things I find when writing sex scenes is what to call everything. So many of the common words for breasts: tits, boobs, etc., for the penis: dick, member, etc., and vagina: twat, pussy and so on, not to mention the more flamboyant phrases such as heaving mounds, rock hard man-pole, and warm moist slit, usually make me want to laugh. Depending on the mood of the scene I’ll usually stick to the basics or work my way around them (without resorting to the “down there” of 50 Shades fame.) However, the one thing I consistently have a problem with is the buttocks. Bum? Ass? Lower cheeks? Nothing ever seems to fit into a sex scene for me.

What do you consider the best most serious and actually sexy way to say these things? Better yet, what makes you spit your coffee through your nose?



12 thoughts on “J is for Junk (Adult Content)

  1. I’ve never found ANY words I like to describe genitals so I don’t bother. I prefer to explain the genitals in terms of them being the person “he entered her” or “she enveloped him”. It’s probably a bit basic but it seems to work for me.


  2. When I’m writing erotic romance I use the word I feel is straight to the point and least flowery. Ass is my favorite, but I will use other words. I think the scene tells you what to use. Some of the more flowery words can fit if used sparingly.
    Blog #1285 today.


  3. Member throws me every time. Who calls it that? Sheesh.
    Funny though, but you know how you just wrote about dialogue? In the context of dirty talk, the foulest word works. You don’t want to read the narrator using those words, but if a character uses crude words, it works. Ah, the magic of dialogue.


    • “Member” is quite possibly the worst one which makes it even more exasperating that it’s so prevalent. I’ve never referred to my genitals as “my member” and I’ve never known a man do so.

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  4. I think hips sounds better than bum etc. And although it’s not the same it’s near enough:) Erotica can be as specific as they want. If you read it you know what you’re in for, however with romance or any other type if fiction i think writers have to be more aware of what their audiences will accept. You can’t avoid sex scenes completely, but the vocabulary and amount is a tough balancing act. I agree.


  5. I suspect that the preference for explicit dialogue is inversely proportional to age. That’s the way it has worked for me.

    I am working my way through a recently discovered trove of Donald E. Westlake’s superb novels featuring master criminal, Parker. (Like finding gold in my backyard – I had read less than half of them!) Writing as Richard Stark, he has Parker in one scene planning a trip on the phone. Parker says that he will leave “now” for the airport. At that point, his inamorata Claire walks into the scene and Parker says to the phone, better make that an hour from now. ‘Nuf for me.


  6. I have to admit to having trouble with bottoms Miss Izzy….there doesn’t seem to be a more appropriate word than arse….I think too that context plays a part in the language you use whilst i understand a reluctance to be explicit I think there are occasions where the ‘f’ word and the ‘c’ words are the best words to use.

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  7. i don’t think you want my list here, you know it already 🙂
    when in doubt, i rely on henry miller’s Roofs language or on the Tropic’s. they are direct references and so full of vital irony to give them a human, falstaff-like dimension.
    hey, a shakespearian night tonight? 🙂


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