L is for Length. Impressive Length.

I can understand the temptation of a writer to make his characters the best they can possibly be. (I’m guilty.) After all, when making stuff up what’s the need for limits? Characters can be inhumanly gorgeous and have the best figure ever in any proportions one can imagine in order to make them perfect.

My question is, how plausible is a physically ideal character? Is it necessary for a character to have at least one physical flaw? Or, in your opinion, can his or her only flaw be a dark, evil heart, supreme idiocy, or other such undesirable inner workings?

5 thoughts on “L is for Length. Impressive Length.

  1. I think there’s a lot of room for subjectivity, but also, for contrast. In some ways, our appearances affect our lives, particularly in a social setting. For instance, what if she seems beautiful to everyone else, but hates herself? Or what if he is so shallow he doesn’t think he needs anything more than his good looks to get by?
    Doesn’t the world treat attractive people differently at times? I think appearance can be crucial to the plot in some cases.


  2. Everyone has flaws, so should our characters. I think being physically ideal can be a struggle. If that’s what you want to write about, then I think a character with none or very few physical flaws makes sense. If you’re writing about other issues and the character is just an everyday Jane or Joe, they could be attractive, but within the normal range, as in fairly average. Most of us fall into the fairly average category, so I think it’s much easier to relate to characters like that.


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