What I should have said was…

Are you ever so stunned by the things people do – so taken off-guard – that you don’t say anything?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy some of my favourite pasta and arugula salad from the deli counter. I stood there being ignored for a while by the two ladies behind the counter and was about to give up when a young guy in a baseball cap and t-shirt, with nothing to indicate that he worked there, walked behind the glass-fronted display and asked me if he could help me. Since the ladies didn’t kick him out, I assumed he did in fact work there so I asked for a medium. He scooped my salad into the container with a plastic serving spoon, which was all fine, but then when he saw there were bits of arugula hanging over the side, he shoved them in with his bare hand and put the lid on.

And I didn’t say anything.

Now as I sit here enjoying my questionably diseased salad I feel as though the time has come to get my word in edgewise…

If I turn up dead of the plague, you’ll know who to blame.

Yeah, me.


18 thoughts on “What I should have said was…

  1. I can so relate to this! It’s just so… out of the norm, that you’re almost thinking: Did that actually just happen?

    Also, kudos on still eating the salad. It’s gross, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have done the exact same thing…


  2. I’m glad it’s not just me. I shake my head every time the clerk puts the wax paper wrapper in the bag with my donut (a bit worried compared to your healthy salad). I did once tell the clerk at Subway, after he rang up a sale, handled money and started to make my sandwich with the same gloves on that “you know, the only thing those gloves are doing is keeping your hands clean.” – It went over his head and I walked out.


  3. I’d be the same as you. While I have no problems with being sarcastic on my blog, generally I do have problems speaking up for myself in public. Most likely, I would have paid for that salad, then thrown it out and gone somewhere else for my salad.

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  4. Dear Miss Izzy, what a horrible thought, you lying death covered in revolting puss laden boils, it barely is worth thinking about. Who would I have to spar with as we do? Then again you’d get the send off of all send offs, a wake like no other with no arugula salad (what is it anyway?) but with bands, balloons, streamers, singing and speeches of praise and tears a flowing freely…..I feel a tear coming as I write this……I do understand your discomfort and worry but know we are here for you now and beyond the grave.


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