“How can I get to know you better babe?”

The title of this post is a comment I got on my Facebook author page tonight from a strange man. I’m reminding myself that this is why I have the safeguards in place. No address, no contact info that isn’t general, no listing in the phone book… It’s also why I have this blog, so I can talk about these things openly without it showing up on my author page.

So why am I still kinda freaking out?

15 thoughts on ““How can I get to know you better babe?”

  1. That stuff is so awful. I can only imagine people like that living in a haze, never seeing the world clearly, for whatever reason. I was actually called a whore once for telling a man that I was a lesbian and therefore uninterested. It’s the only time I was ever subjected to bigotry of that nature.


  2. It’s the invasion of your space that affronts you Miss Izzy. The presumption by this person that you would even condescend to answer him is ludicrous in itself. So ignoring him is what I would say because they HATE to be ignored…..otherwise I could don my rusty armour and come to your aid….


    • Alas, Sir Michael, I would not presume to be the one to wish that flakes of rust adorn thine mane of silver, nor thine broad and muscular frame. I shall rather ignore the cad and have done with him!


  3. That’s weird and creepy, alright. But you can’t control who uses the internet. Ignoring him seems like the best approach, in my view.


    • That’s exactly what I’m doing – ignoring him. And I’ll leave the comment there in case anyone else is tempted to do the same thing. Maybe they’ll see it and notice it got no reaction.
      Thanks for the suggestion, Glazed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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