My dilemma

Okay, so here’s the deal: My ex moved three hours’ drive out of town a couple of years ago. His job requires him to work way too much, and so he can’t see the kids every other weekend like he’s supposed to. Add to this the fact that he doesn’t want to drive 12 hours every weekend that he does have them, so he moves into my house and I have to move out. At my cost. As my mother so eloquently put it, I have to pay to leave my own home. When their dad does take them to his place (actually, only one of them because he doesn’t have room for both) he expects me to drive half way to meet him. At my cost.

From the time he had the kids last, to the time he has them next, I will have had them for 5 weeks (four weekends). My dilemma is this: do I start drinking wine now? And if so, should I try to have any of the 20 bottles I have in my basement left by the time I get another weekend off (at my cost)? Or should I just throw up my hands and drink the lot?

My life seriously fucking sucks sometimes.

19 thoughts on “My dilemma

  1. Dear Miss Izzy, I think you need to set up a wine visitation regime in keeping with the kids father’s visit regime. His no shows could be at least two bottles of wine and maybe for him it may cost him two bottles as a way of compensating you for your travel. Just a thought…


  2. OMG. There are so many unbearable things we do for our kids. Drink the wine. Start demanding wine. Start demanding whatever. Start a list of demands.

    How are you so patient and tolerant?!? Oh, the kids. Right.


  3. Can you talk to this freeloading ex of yours? Okay I am English but sometimes a few well placed words help. Point out how much more you are contributing to all this let alone moving out of your house at your expense. Sorry it’s none of my business but I hate unfairness!

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