Help wanted: woman on the edge

I think I may have figured out what my problem is of late. Yes, menopause is a bitch on ‘roids and I’m sure part of it has to do with my hormones. But I’ve been on edge for so long, stressed out, unsure whether I want to race a car around the block on foot or sleep for a week, and I think some of it at least has to do with the fact that I haven’t written anything substantial in about six months. I thought writing a fiction post every day might help, but it doesn’t. All it really does is add to my workload of editing two novels, keeping up with my main blog, as well as caring for my kids and my mother… and my house. I really should vacuum one of these years.

My little guy is going away to his dad’s for the weekend, so I’ll have time (hopefully) to get at least one editing project finished. Speaking of that, if any of you would like to volunteer to proofread a 10K romantic comedy novelette, that’d be fantastic. It’s a quick read. I should be finished my own final edit by the weekend. I’ll get it to you after that. I’m hoping to get it published in June. Once that’s out of the way, I’ll get back to working on one of the two novels I’ve started. With any luck it will lead to a happier, more pleasant, Izzy. And maybe some of the hair I’ve been yanking out by the roots can start to grow back.

7 thoughts on “Help wanted: woman on the edge

  1. It’s fun isn’t it? Keep writing about the journey. I suspect I got though it rather easy. Never took a drug or even mentioned it to a doctor. Maybe that’s because I started large, was always on the light side period-wise, and had small boobs. Shit . . .maybe I was transgender born too early?


    • Haha! There’s a theory! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve really had it that bad. Life’s pretty overwhelming at the moment, that’s all.
      Thanks for commenting. You made me smile – that’s worth a lot to me today. πŸ™‚


  2. Been there and thought I was through it but every so often the symptoms come back to haunt !! Hang on in there it will pass…. well that’s my story and I am sticking to it! Good luck with the book and don’t expect too much of yourself , house , children and mother …yes sod the hoover! My mum always said the dust will still be here in a hundred years?? πŸ™‚


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