Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a free book! Now available at Amazon, this sexy collection is a labour of love put together by myself and eleven talented friends. We had a blast writing them and getting them ready for today’s celebration of all that is Irish, including a liberal dash of shenanigans.

Here’s an excerpt from my story, Limerick:

It was St. Patrick’s Day eve, but celebrations were already well underway. The bar was hot and muggy with the scent of perfume and testosterone, but the beer was cold and green. The DJ was playing Moist, or so he’d said. Jason wasn’t sure if that was the name of the song or the name of the band. He sat at the bar scanning the room, Henry beside him. He wondered if the guy always had the lost puppy dog air about him: they’d been there for half an hour and Henry had followed in Jason’s every footstep. He was almost scared to go to the men’s room.
Not that he was afraid of what might happen. Experimentation with a guy was one of Jason’s fantasies. One he occasionally jerked off to. Before anything could happen, he wanted to feel the guy out, so to speak. And he wanted to be felt out. Not jumped at a urinal.
But tonight was all about the ladies. And apparently, according to three quarters of the t-shirts in the room, most of them were Irish and wanted to be kissed.
Jason sipped his beer and wracked his brain for a word that rhymed with “Irish.”
“I got nothing,” he murmured.
“What?” Henry asked. He seemed happy to have a chance to chat, so Jason turned on his barstool to face the bar and have a conversation with the guy.
“Just trying to work something out in my head. So, you ready to mingle?”
“Sure. What am I looking for again?”
“A woman from Nantucket. I don’t have any problem getting women, but I gotta know where they’re from. Got it?”
Henry quailed a bit. “I’m not as good looking as you.”
“That’s not a problem, little friend,” Jason said, slapping him on the back. Henry wasn’t really little. He wasn’t built like a brick shithouse like Jason was, either. “Just ask them where they’re from. Easy. And if you find one from Nantucket, point her in my direction.”

Pick up your copy today!

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