If Weight was like Stats

There’s something supremely satisfying about watching stats rise on the Internet. Whether it’s followers and views on a blog, Facebook, stuff on Twitter … it’s all kinda neat. Now if only I could translate that somehow to work for weightloss.

Anyone wanna click on my scales?

It’s My First Blogaversary!

Isabella Morgan has officially been alive for one year. Funny, I don’t feel a day less than 25.

I think about updating this blog every so often, but strangely I can never think of a thing to say when I get here. I intend to hang on to it though. Never know when I’m going to want to lash out over something that I can’t express, using my real name.

Anyhoo, I’m not saying anything here either, other than that I’m amazed it’s been a year. Maybe I should make a resolution to come back here every so often and post what I’m really thinking. Which is usually along the lines of, WHAT THE FUCK?

Happy Blogaversary to me!

MY 100

Congratulations, Shiva, on your 100th wordPress follower. May your community grow and grow!
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MY 100

Centenarian birthday candles. (Photo by

100! Its been an overwhelming joy for me to express that I have earned 100 follows on my Blog. I started this blog hardly six months back with absolutely no knowledge of the blogging world. I am proud to inform that my knowledge of working on a computer has been multi-folded now. I can say I can now develop a website.

Being on the computer day in and out; the online connection, the network and everything behind it is worth to be given applause. Especially in the Blog World; WordPress is contributing its might and all people at its helm & people who are contributing to its going and making it a big success are worth millions of Pats. I personally and on behalf of all Bloggers congratulate them.

The design, working and construction of the Blog are so well planned and thought over. I see they strive…

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Well don’t I suck

I lasted four days at “3 Words A Day.” I’m giving up because all I managed to get out of it was a headache and a bunch of boring posts. So boring that not even the host of the prompt could be bothered to “like” them. That’s gotta be the reason, right?

Right, well. Now I need some inspiration. Any suggestions on prompts that don’t insist that you commit? I really don’t want to suck at this prompt business.

All this cloak and dagger stuff

I’ve never really liked staying anonymous on the internet. I have nothing to hide. My life is an open book, as they say. While I’m not going to advertise my other blog here, nor this one there apart from a mention, I don’t intend to keep it a secret who I am. But like it is when I travel, it’s kinda neat to be off on my own with no one watching over me who I know. Okay, other than the inevitable Mr. Cushman.

So this isn’t really a cloak and dagger deal. It’s more a poncho and a styrofoam sword thing.

En garde!


The whole point of this blog is to say whatever I feel like saying without worrying about the length nor the perfection of my posts. So what do I say for my first one?

This blog may be irreverent, contain more four-letter words than my “real” blog does (the one with my real name on it) which is how I speak in real life anyway, and it may end up being more opinionated than my regular blog. I suppose in a way I’m saving my followers from myself by having this blog exist. What I will not do here is pretend to be someone I’m not. “Isabella Morgan” is not a real person, but I am. What you see here is me… whoever I am. Make no mistake – I’m a real woman with a real life and real feelings. I have a family and people who care about me – just because I decline to use my real name doesn’t mean I’m not vulnerable. I demand the same respect I give anyone else.

This blog may be odd, it may leave you shaking your head occasionally, but with any luck it will always leave you with a smile on your face and the will to return.

Here we go.