Daily Post – The Empty Time Capsule

How did past generations survive without internal combustion engines? Without phones, television or the internet? When I contemplate centuries of “ago” what fascinates me most is the lack of things we now take for granted and don’t believe our lives could exist were they not here.

And it’s true…

A time capsule of “now” would, for me, have to be made up of the things we don’t have.

A cure for cancer.

A means of transportation that doesn’t require pollution of any sort.

A way to levitate ourselves – every one of us – in the event of natural disasters, so no one would have to die in earthquakes, storms or tsunamis.

You get the picture: stuff we can’t live without.

Today’s prompt is: What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

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