what good does it do
this time of year
to remember you, but i do

the gifts i gave you
the birthday of an ex-lover
but what i remember most
are the gifts you gave me

silk skin and song
hard gentle touch and beauty
and oh, how you pushed my limits
just to disappear with a titanium kiss

we drifted apart, didn’t we?
there was no sharp split
just a space, a hole
where you once filled my life
and other parts of me

each year, this time
i think of you and wonder
if you ever think of me
for you were un spectacle,
and in many ways, i was your first
and i will never stop thanking my lucky stars
that you were once my lover

Day 1 – 3 Words A Day

The music of an entire generation passes on to the next
and the next
able to tell the next
and the next
generation’s entire score of music
made famous by the first

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