What I should have said was…

Are you ever so stunned by the things people do – so taken off-guard – that you don’t say anything?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy some of my favourite pasta and arugula salad from the deli counter. I stood there being ignored for a while by the two ladies behind the counter and was about to give up when a young guy in a baseball cap and t-shirt, with nothing to indicate that he worked there, walked behind the glass-fronted display and asked me if he could help me. Since the ladies didn’t kick him out, I assumed he did in fact work there so I asked for a medium. He scooped my salad into the container with a plastic serving spoon, which was all fine, but then when he saw there were bits of arugula hanging over the side, he shoved them in with his bare hand and put the lid on.

And I didn’t say anything.

Now as I sit here enjoying my questionably diseased salad I feel as though the time has come to get my word in edgewise…

If I turn up dead of the plague, you’ll know who to blame.

Yeah, me.

Good help is hard to find

I’m in the grocery store this afternoon waiting in line and the cashier, a young guy in his early twenties, keeps making mistakes. I hear him over and over blaming his ineptness on distractions. Too many distractions all over the place.

So my turn comes and I do everything in my power to stay quiet and not do anything to take his focus off his task. I’m practically invisible and so is everyone else. It was like we were all holding our collective breath, making sure the guy doesn’t screw up. And then…

You know those little plastic dividers they you can put between your order and the next guy’s on the conveyor belt? I watched the cashier come to the end of my order, pick up and move the divider, and start ringing the next customer’s order up with mine.

Whatever distractions that cashier has, they’re all in his noggin.