One-Liner Wednesday – Of Pigs and Trolls

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”
George Bernard Shaw

I think that works well for internet trolls too, don’t you?

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Perverts and Weirdos

As a writer of fiction I love writing strange characters. The weirder the better; the more perverted they are the happier I am. My fascination with the way the human brain works and the processes it goes through, both logical and illogical, are my biggest inspiration.

So what happens when I attract to my work the very types of people I write about? It’s a bit creepy. When I write about the actions of a pervert I hope that my audience will either laugh with me or say “eww.” But what if they agree? It’s finally happened on my fiction site and I’m taken a little aback, to be honest. I feel that I have to be careful not to sound like I’m condoning my character’s behaviour. I am, after all, just a writer.

You have to wonder how authors of horror deal with such things. I think about the shit Marilyn Manson has had to deal with – being blamed for the Columbine school shootings – and violent video games are blamed for all kinds of things, from car theft to murder. So what of the novelist? Our works too can be put out of context and said to encourage anything we write about. Hell, I’m guilty of judging E.L. James for whatever message she put out to young women when she published “50 Shades of Grey.” (Though I think the main problem with “50 Shades” is that they failed to label it a fantasy instead of a “romance.”)

So when I write about a fucked up flasher who gets his kicks from exposing himself on public transportation, what can I expect? Only that there ARE fucked up flashers out there who might get their kicks out of my writing. I guess this is what the “writers must have thick skin” crap is all about.