A real conversation in my house, pt 4.

Upon seeing yellow snow outside the back door.

Fred: Some animal pissed outside our back door.

Me: It’s not an animal. That’s off the roof.

Fred: Someone pissed off the roof.

Me: Yep, the roof has been pissed off for a while.


Indescribable Winter

This winter has been so nondescript so far. Like last year, it was icy. All the time. If it wasn’t freezing rain it was snowing heavily, but under everything was this thick, impenetrable layer of ice that uncovered itself at the most inconvenient of times, landing me flat on my ass.

The year before that it was mild – so mild that we barely got any snow. People were mowing their grass on New Year’s Day for God sakes. But this year?

Just cold. Cold, then a bit milder then cold again. Absolutely nothing to write home about. It sucks. So much I can’t describe it.